Frequently asked questions

Where is Diecast Mods Located?

The South East suburbs of Melbourne VIC (Australia)

What Material are the Custom Wheels made from?

The wheels are 3D printed using a resin printer. The resin is UV cured to get a very high detail print. The wheels are then painted with an airbrush (or quality spray can for certain colours).

How can I install my custom wheels?

Video coming soon!

How much is postage?

Within Australia postage is $5AUD for orders under $45, $7 for order over $45 and free for order over $75 For the rest of the world it's $10AUD for orders under 250g of wheels (the wheels weigh about 5 grams a set so you can fit a fair bit of sets in the padded bag before it exceeds the tickness limit) and $25AUD for orders over 250g and requiring a box.

Can I pickup my order and pay by cash?

Yes you can pickup orders by arrangement. BUT If you wish to make an arrangement DO NOT follow the checkout procedure. Please email diecastmodstore@gmail.com and enquire about picking up and the items you'd like.

Can you make a wheel design for me by request?

Yes! Bespoke designs will cost a labour fee to model up on CAD depending on their complexity and timeframe you want them by. However some designs I will take as requests and make them available in my own time at no extra cost.

What currency does the store use?

Australian dollar. (much weaker than the USD so don't stress about prices being high for you fellas in the USA! It's basically 25-35% off)

What can I use for Axles?

1/16 x .014 tube (copper, brass or aluminium) from all good hobby shops! Use your stock axles off the car you're chopping up. Cut them to length and use them as pins. Dab a tiny amount of super glue on the end of the pin and quickly insert it into the axle tube.